1. 46 Reasons

From the recording 46 Reasons


<p>&copy;2000 by David Farner</p>
<p>Sometimes high, sometimes low</p>
<p>In the now, In the know</p>
<p>Wishes, hopes and strong convictions</p>
<p>What does his mind envision?</p>
<p>Some things he does not now know</p>
<p>Some things he&rsquo;s feelin&rsquo; grow</p>
<p>And then those things, that haven&rsquo;t come true</p>
<p>Keep him goin&rsquo; on and they&rsquo;ll see him through</p>
<p>An orchestrated dreamer</p>
<p>A Panasonic receiver on paper</p>
<p>And then things, they fall into place</p>
<p>Oh settling, and then back into space</p>
<p>And then things seem to work themselves out</p>
<p>And makes it hard to have too much doubt</p>
<p>Thoughts and dreams and facts and fiction</p>
<p>And these are forty six of his reasons.</p>