Top Five 2005

It's been a year since I found CDBaby and their incredible set up for musicians to peddle their wares. Before that I spent three years trying to build the whole thing by myself. One of the best features is the reporting system that is built into their web hosting service. Included are sales reports for each month. Using those it was easy to come up with the best sellers for 2005. Number 5 was "Brown Eyes", 4 "It's Not the Same" 3 "Through It All" 2 "You and I" and the number one song for DSF for 2005 was......."Remember When". The Boogyman's Lair CD is just in the process of being setup so there hasn't been any sales on it as yet. I recieved a cool Djembe drum from my little woman for my birthday a little while back and I've been practicing. Nick lets me sit in on his performances on occasion down at the Fifth on Thursdays. It's quite nice to have someone willing to put up with me. I also have a new percusion sound for future recordings. The weather is incredible here for January. It's like 61 degrees out, and sunny. I'm going to meet Slick out to Haras and put a pole in the water. Hoping to have a picture of the monsters we're going to catch. Hope you all are doing well and appreciate your support.

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