Spring Campout Report

Well we survived another spring campout and besides having it rainy for three days and about 40-60 degrees most of the time we were there, we had a blast. We kept the fire going we cooked some great meals, we caught some fish and one of them, was lucky enough to be eaten. At seven pounds that flat head cat was ttaassstttyyy, two nice fillets enough for generous first course one night. Chaz caught his biggest ever at five pounds. Unfortunately, he was a little busy when we discovered he had one on, but he rushed on over and pulled it in. We didn't eat that one. I of course caught the first and most but that's all I can say. They'll be bigger next time. The boats floated, the engines worked, the tents stayed dry, we had just the perfect over abundance of food and all my laughing musles are still sore. Oh yeh, Can't wait to get back to some of the music projects we've been working on. Had had a lyric block going there for awhile but with a fresh start who knows. I can tell you we came up with some concepts whilst a fishing. Am thinking about a fishing song for inclusion on the next CD. It's getting there. Slow but sure. Hope your all doing well

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