Nick and Dan

Just hopin some of you made it down to see Nick and Dan Witte sometime thur, fri, or sat. Thurs. was the two of them at The Fifth, a great crowd, saw alot of people that you don't always. Fri.., the Izaak Walton Lodge for Jim Casey's wedding to Amy Trimble. Congrats!!!!! Probably twenty of Northeast Nebraska's Greatest Rock and Roll Musicians rotated through out the night, Casey did a great job of mixing them all up. Greg Goodman, Doug Spiedel, Sam Newton, Terry Butterfield, Don Peterson, Bill Settell, Nick and Dan and More. Heck Casey even got on the sax (first time in twenty years) and laid down some notes. Saturday was a little more laid back. Nick and Dan played several new selctions that Nick's been working on and near the end of the night were joined by Bill Settell and myself as the stereo congos. Just Before close Dan's boy Toby joined the two of them with his accoustic and rocked out. I'm hopin some one may have taken some pics.

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