New Year 2007

When moving into the New Year I usually find myself looking back a little first. 2006 was an interesting year. We had some sales and a pleasant number of paid listens. We had nearly three times the hits and visitors than ever. Visits from as many as fifty countries in just December, and we made major progress on the lastest DSF cd. I"m always curious about the songs people like the most and in 2006 those were "Brown Eyes", "Remember When", "Just Like Heaven Said" and "Little slice of Heaven" in that order. Nick Leland and I are still working on about fifteen of his songs and are planning to get them out in the near future. He's been a little busy with gigs during the holidays but Jan and Febr are usually good studio months. he recently informed me that one of the songs called "Whippin Boy" needs more work and it was one I thought we had real close. I starting to feel like the victim in the song. Just kidding. Looking forward we have endless possibilities for 2007 and we're looking forward to those challenges, hopefully all will go well with you all yours and we Thank You for all your support.

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