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If you are looking for synch beats, fancy loops, micro tuned and perfectly timed execution of everything in the DSF collection well, please give it a listen, but you won't find that here. Now we will admit to a little bit of punching in and out, we even used a pattern on an electronic drum once or twice, but for the most part the collection could be considered a live performance. Nearly every song starts with either the piano or guitar and many of the vocals are simultaniously cut. We haven't used much more than a little reverb and a touch of sustain here and there. The first tracks are the tough ones since you have to make it to the end in one stretch. It's amazingly good practice too. If you're going to choke and have to start it over it's usually getting that fisrt track. We normally add on the bass next, followed up by whatever we think is needed. It sure is nice to make it through a song and add another instrument in one take. The last instrument added is usually the drums, as the piece is starting to reveil it's true rythm. Then you adjust track volumes use a little EQ and reduce it to a stereo signal. Thought it might be of interest.

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