Long Distance Music Partner

Just got started experimenting with a long distance partner in engineering for some of the music that Nick and I have been working on. Dan Witte, an old friend, is the head of the Aberdeen, SD music department and the ring leader for the band The Velvet Touch. He's also one of the finest musicians in the Business. Guitar and violin are his specialties but he also knows his way around the recording equipment and software available these days. I sent an unfinished Nick song up to him via E-mail and he added 3 back up vocals, guitar and some fiddle. He sent it back and it's close but needs some tweeking on the individual tracks. Then He figuired out how I could send the separated 5 tracks, the wave forms, like 29K each, up there for the finishing touches. There's always another puzzle to figure out, and when we do it's like, oh that's not so hard. It's nearly like having the 300 miles turn into noda, and having imput from another artist. The song by the way, is "Where Two Rivers Meet". Start Listening for it on Your Radios Kids. Nick wrote a gtreat song, Dan sparkles it up and his expertiece in the mastering room shows up here. Better yet start calling your local radio stations and requesting it. Nicks entertaining at the 5th Street every thurs. night and catching some action with the Average Joe Band here and around the area. Also, there's a rumor going around than the Velvet Touch Man, Dan, is going to be coming to town for this Thursday night to perform with Nick, Don't miss it, if you are in the area. We survived the Memorial Weekend and we hope you and yours did also. God Bless the Troops!

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