Green Day Ahead

Well we're sure everyone is looking forward to the Green Day, Saturday is St. Pat's Day. Get ready to have a little fun and maybe even have a green concoction of some sort. Hope you all have a good one. On the home front things seem to be going well. Nick's informed me that we may have as many as 6 songs ready for distribution and that leaves around 6 to go. Still got some work to do but it's progressing. The other night after knocking out a few tracks Nick said something about embracing keeping the mixes kind of clean and trying not to do too much on a song hence mucking them up. We responded that sometimes you have to work on something until they hit a certain level of nonmeticulousity or something like that. The DSF project is still at a point of lyric writers block but we're sure there will be some inspirational moments that will save the day. Hoping to get everything worked out in time for the Holidays. Enough for now, have a great St. Pat's

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