Good Carpin Day

It was the First day of spring and I got a call from big Cory Lakeman and he wanted to go out to Ta Ha Zooka and catch a few of the 1200 trout they just released. I told him that instead we should go on out to Haras and see if we could catch some carp. Well, he went for it and we were off for some carpin. About an hour passed and nothing no bites nothing. Then Bamm, my rod had a nice hit I knew I only had to get to it quick and set it up , yes!!!! she' on and we take our time bringin her around. Landing her safely and then we stringered her up in case we needed a picture or something later. Two hours pass and nothing. Then all of a sudden BAAMM!!!!! I got right on it and knew it was a good fish. Cory started pulling the other lines in, cause this one was going every which way, severals minutes later she came up where we got a glimpse of her. She didn't like it that shallow and started pulling line like nutso. Slow and steady I worked her back in and pulled her up on the shore. 28 inches 13 pounds. We then called it a good carpin day.

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