Counting Sheep

When I was a little one, my mommy and daddy used to tell me to count the sheep if I couldn't sleep at night for one reason or another. I did the same thing for my children when they were little. I'm not sure if it really helped or not, but eventually we all did go to sleep. The other night I was tired as heck after putting in thirty hours of driving for three days of visitation. A journey of 700 miles,the last four hours of which were from south of Dallas Tesas to Norfolk Nebraska.Those last hours were at night during a light snowstorm with lots of wind and patches of black ice causing us to slip an slide like driving on a skating rink.We nearly had an accident. I was very thankful to be home but had to stay up after my wife went to bed. I just needed some unwind time for myself. I went to bed about midnight said my prayers and thanksgivings. When I did go, I couldn't get to sleep and I remembered counting sheep. I thought about trying it. Then thought it could be more interesting to be thankful for the many people that I know and love. I figured I could honor and pray for as many of those people as I could until my mind would eventually get tired. It worked, though not for a while because I tried not to miss anyone and I slept like a baby. I had one revelation during this experiment. There would be many nights that a shepherd would be alone, save for his sheep in the days of yore. Perhaps he would even have a name for each one. Perhaps when he couldn't sleep he would be thankful for all his blessings, including his sheep. Perhaps he would recite the names of all those that were important to him including his sheep. It would help him to remember their name if they were new. It would help him to count all his sheep when he gathered them up to stay together and safe through each night. He would count his sheep so that if one strayed he would know and go looking for them. He would wake in the morning feeling could that he had done something useful during his restless hours. He would count sheep to get to sleep. Counting Sheep, Try it the next time you can't seem to. Tell your children, tell your children's children, "what the heck in the world" tell everyone to count their sheep when they can't sleep. "what the heck in the world" came from Cal McCarville at about 5 yrs old.

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