Another Experiment

June 28th, not July 12th Dan Witte showed up in Norfolk and we had the pleasure of having him around for a couple days. Nick and Dan were to perform at The 5th Street Tav here in Norfolk that night. Not surprising was that word had gotten around and there would probably be some friends that might show up. Dan had asked me to record the show with the Roland VS2400 CD digital recorder. We set up two mikes and pulled one line out of the mixer. We were hoping to capture the guitars with the mikes and pull the vocals and such through the line out. I noticed a young lady taking lots of pictures all evening and asked if she would be willing to e-mail a few of the better shots to me at Sand Sound. Dan did one better. He just happened to have his computer in his car and asked if he could download the works after the gig. She agreed. Though not all of the music, 3hrs,12min came out well, a large amount did. Armed with the pictures about 300 of them and 3 hrs plus of music Dan put his magic to work and assembled 2 slide presentations set to the music of the night. We'd have to say it came out quite nicely. If you'd like to check it out you can go to member links, Dan or flip to the links page on Sand Either way you might get a kick out of it. Enjoy Nick, guitar and vocals, and Dan Witte,guitar, sax, fiddle, vocals, Don Petersen ,vocals, Cory Delp, lead guitar, Bill (Sticks) Settell,Djembe, Dino Reeves, guitar, Greg Goodman, keyboards and others having a time of it. Thought you all might enjoy the show.

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