The great man

“The great man through his actions will not set out to harm others, nor make much of benevolence and charity; he does not make any move for gain, nor consider the servant at the gate as lowly; he will not

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Labor Day Weekend

Just hoping that you all get the chance to enjoy some of the weekend !!!

oh and Go Big Red !!!



The last few weeks I've been receiving mini lessons on recording and then mixing from Graham Cochrane through his site the

Originally got exposure to it through facebook. Scott Nathan had given it a Like and I checked it…

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Father's Day

For All Those Fathers Everywhere,

Hoping You All have a Great Day !!!


May Day

Well it's May. Happy May Day to All !!!

Seems Like only yesterday it was April.


Happy Birthday George Harrison

Today is George's birthday, here's a link to Purple Clover's presentation of a few pictures and his sayings:

Sorry you may have to copy and paste



Just a Little Poem

Some have, some haven't
Some will and some won't
Some will out of habit
Some will because they want
It's in reach and you grab it
It's there for one and all
Here, there, and everywhere
There's enough love to…

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The Original Republican Party

Taken from an article in the Midlands section of the Omaha World Herald January 8, 2016, a More Commentary article by The Washington Post's Micheal Gerson.

  Whatever your view of Republican politicians, the aspiration, the self-conception, of the party was…

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No Wings

The man with no imagination has no wings He cannot fly.



“Happiness is the absence of the striving for happiness.”


Greek Proverb

We have two ears and one mouth that we may listen the more and talk the less.