Happy Easter 

Happy Easter All. This is the Holiday that is meant tp be celebrated for Fifty Days !!! Enjoy !!!



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Valentines Day 

Just hoping you all have a Great Valentines Day !!!

Happy Holidays 

The Holidays are Upon Us

As the year end approaches we all have our festivities to attend to whether it be Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan, or  Chrismahanukwanzadan. In a free world everyone has the right to celebrate their beliefs and their ways of life. This year was one of upheaval through many parts of the world. As it gets smaller because of increased innovation and communication, it also moves faster. We're hoping that during the close of the year you all will be able to slow down and ponder,…

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Super Snow Moon 

Tonight there is a chance to see and enjoy the Super Snow Full Moon.

Closest to Earth as it can be and one of three Super Moons this year. 

                                                                                     By Korin Miller

"The Moon along with Venus between Saturn and Pluto might push us into

Deciding what to keep what to get rid of, what to keep and what to change."

Good Luck All


True peace is a gift of God that springs from healed and reconciled hearts

and reaches out to embrace the entire world.

Mother's Day 

Just a little note to all those Mothers out there, here's Hoping that you're Day is Special, because that's what Mother's are.

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