Hole Heart / Feel It

by DSF David Farner

Released 2012
Sand Sound Co.
Released 2012
Sand Sound Co.
The first release of a single with a flip side. "Hole Heart" has the feel of a Dylan tune. The second number "Feel It" is also from the 70s and is more an Anthem Rock song. Can you feel it yet?
  • 03:35 Story Lyrics Hole Heart

    Hole Heart

    Previously "It’s Still There"

    © 2000 By DSF


    It left a hole in my heart, clear down through my soul

    Because I had to let you go

    I loved you so much, I couldn’t even say

    You probably didn’t even know


    I had always thought there’d be a perfect time

    To find out what was on your mind

    And then somehow time, it slipped you on your way

    If we had ever had a time, it was yesterday




    Cause you know, love is like a butterfly, couldn’t put it in a cage

    And had it been a locked up love why it’d died before it’s age

    That don’t mean that I don’t love you

    That don’t mean that I don’t care

    It’s different than it was, but it’s still there


    My love for you, will never be the same

    But I love you even so

    Now you loved another, and now so do I

    But can’t we still be friends and sayin’ Hi


    And the way things turned out, I really can’t complain

    I have my woman , you your man

    And the way things turned out I really can’t complain

    And the best part, is we’re still friends



     - See more at: http://sandsoundco.com/hole_heart_feel_it/#sthash.hW13Fr7m.dpuf

  • 03:52 Feel It
We had a couple instrumentals on the burner when we went to work on these two songs. Written back in the 70s for the band "Blue Steel" from Stanton NE we never got them down. They sat safely in my notebook and were referred to on occasion, but hadn't been developed completely until this year. Had so much fun working with them that we decided to put them out like the singles used to be, …
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