Satire of Smiles

Lyrics written by John Anderson, music by DSF


©2005 by DSF, Lyrics by Jon Anderson


I painted the walls

Grey like the park bench in the movie

Six days had been reduced to three

And the condor was never really free


Thank you for the concern you showed

And thank you for the distrust you bestowed

And I could walk through the exit door

Argue with the ticket taker

And stall the time some more.


The law would have to be a witness

And the Heavens, issue, issue a yes

So take your gratitude, and store it well

In a narrow place that wouldn’t show,

A hollow space that couldn’t care


Because today I’ve made my declaration

No one’s going to spoil my explication, Oh no

Never again will my lips distort

Never again will my skin, twist and bend


Mr. anonymous, that’s who I’ll be,

No one will I reach for

No one will reach for me

You know I spent a lot of time

Searchin’ for a clue

Spent many an hour, tryin’ to explain


But in the end the results the same

I just won’t smile

I just won’t smile any more


I just won’t smile’ I just won’t smile no more

I just won’t smile’ I just won’t smile no more

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