Hole Heart

DSF David Farner


Here's a little poem that got

me thinking about the butterfly.

"Happiness is like a butterfly

Which when pursued is always

Just beyond your grasp.

But if you sit down quietly

It may light upon you."

Written by Gigi

The song and the poem were written in the 70's


Hole Heart

Previously "It’s Still There"

© 2000 By DSF


It left a hole in my heart, clear down through my soul

Because I had to let you go

I loved you so much, I couldn’t even say

You probably didn’t even know


I had always thought there’d be a perfect time

To find out what was on your mind

And then somehow time, it slipped you on your way

If we had ever had a time, it was yesterday




Cause you know, love is like a butterfly, couldn’t put it in a cage

And had it been a locked up love why it’d died before it’s age

That don’t mean that I don’t love you

That don’t mean that I don’t care

It’s different than it was, but it’s still there


My love for you, will never be the same

But I love you even so

Now you loved another, and now so do I

But can’t we still be friends and sayin’ Hi


And the way things turned out, I really can’t complain

I have my woman , you your man

And the way things turned out I really can’t complain

And the best part, is we’re still friends




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