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Quite a neat website DSF. What a talent you have, to be able to play and make music. May God continue to bless you on this "one night stand". Keep on rocking! See you around. ;)
Like the lyrics! Hope your drive was from the airport was smooth. I made it to MI just fine.
Love you brother and loved this site with your songs! great job! You mother would be soooo proud!
You are inspiring and I am privileged to have you for my Dad:)
Hey grandpa keep up the good work LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!
enjoying your site and your music David! nexttime i get back to norfolk we will get together and jam. jon
Thanks for the Heads Up, We'll keep it going
dave...just listened to your song hole heart...great tune man...love the music. you deserve to go to the top..keep jamming!!!! jdawg
dave...i started listening to the cd's last night, but still have plenty to go through. am very impressed with your music....keep up the good work!!!! hope to jam with ya sometime soon... jdawg
Hello, i read your site, this a best site from me, thanks!
Awesome Dave, Keep it up!!!
Right On
looks great man we need a jam night!
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Thanks David--enjoyed your tape!!!!! Have we hit the million-dollar sales mark yet? You did a very good job and I hope you get the attention you deserve. Bill
good guest page. thank you.
I must say I was really surprised, and did enjoy listening, Keep Plugen Dave she is really starting to come togeather!!!!!
Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! You're good--you!!! Maybe someday we'll get together again and pick up our guitars and maybe then, play the same old songs we use to play: Oh wouldn't it be great if we were playing today.
Hi all! Very interesting site. Hope it will always be alive! other or else .Good luck!
Thanks for the Heads up man. If you are interested in the article check it out on the Press Page. Hope you all are having a terrific Halloween, All Saints, or Days of the Dead.
Posted: Thursday, April 26, 2007 Article comment by: Joe Farner Congratulations on the article Dad! I have listened to your music for about 31 years and every time I put it on here in Carrollton TX, driving down the road, I ask my passenger if they know this song, and their reply is several well known artists (Petty, Neil Young, even Crosby/Stills/Nash) but they never can really pin it down. I'm real proud to tell them, "No, dude that's my dad!" reply: "That's really cool, that's your Dad?"
Hi Thanks for your site.
Hi dude! I am finally able to get to your site to check it out, and it looks great! ... .G'night
David, You are a true Rock Star!! I'm very excited to hear more and can't wait. Good luck with the New Year and hope for many more good ones to come. Take care Mindy
Dave, Don't know how you got a hold of me, but "Thanks" for introducing me to your site. The Photos were fun to look thru and the music was very impressive. I'll stop back soon... Take care. Bill
So we all have to remember that when it's hard it'll be all the better when it works out.
Dave, I love the bio. Keep up the awesome enthusiasm and you will succeed. Its not worth it unless it's hard. Take care Mindy
No problem Phil, just keep practicing.
How can I misspell the word KARATE after all of these years of doing it.
Hi there Big Guy, you still look cool after all these years. I love doing Karat and I know you do too. Missing the daily workout and hope to see you soon. Good Luck my friend.
cool site dave, see ya at the land of the free (the beach) I just talked to nettels, he'll be home May 26th
Love the top 5 list. I was suprised that The way I feel was not listed. If anyone has not listened to that one, it is my favorite. Keep it up Desif!!
Awesome site
I'm really glad to see all the hot chicks diggin your stuff DESIF! The fifth street jam looked like a good one!
DSF, I totally dig your site. This is good stuff, real music, not the shit you hear today! Nice work DSF!!!
LOVE THE SITE DSF! The music is unreal! Keep up the great work, I'll be back to the site for more.
what's up brother!
Just listened to the dsf,too and haven't heard music like this since the young bob dylan!!!am excited about dsf,3???
If your fishin for Carp, pouring your corn thru a funnel, don't reel in too fast or you'll get carpatunnel!
When the whip comes down, it's hard to be cool!
OUTSTANDING!!! Impressive web page. Can't wait to hear more! LOVE the new song!!!!!!!!!!!
All you need is a small cooler and a short distance!
Hey dude, your music takes me to the sand of the beach and a brew on ice. We'll have to chat some webmaster talk sometime. (cool site man) later EEM
Your music rocks! Perfect mixture of folk, and rock from the 60's and 70's that you just don't see anymore of!

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