Rolling Thoughts

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DSF David Farner



Rolling thoughts into the sky

Minds embracing undenied

Imagination dancing wild

Confusion turning from the fire


Look into your hearts desire

See the limit of your flame

None, now stop and think again

Where are they that have expired?


         Refrain        I’m sure, I know, I thought so                               

Up most always licks the down

I’m sure, I know, I thought so

Instead of dusk it’s better dawn


I’m sure, I know, I thought so

A little flame is better growin’

I’m sure, I know, I thought so

     If you’re not sure you’re on your own


Are they done or lost in space,

Meeting the maker face to face,

Is there gold beneath their feet,

Or are there shrieks, and gnashing teeth?


Is there a land just over the hill,

Where even time is standing still?

Someday we’ll get to roll the dice,

Someday maybe off to paradise



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