This Poet's Song



Your all round and your eyes

Shooting through to me

endless sighs

And the feeling is hard to keep inside

Just like Pandora's Box,

it's mine to hide

Now let's bring it out into the opened

Cause even when everything's right,

You're still hoping

So let me feel your discontent

So what if that don't pay the rent


So take me on down the road, we're free to ride

Just one more try at chance, and I'll learn to dance



And frigid dreams, yet hearts unbroken

Got to remember this night

is on your side

So we've been sold for dreams a stolen

But I know there's much more for me,

than a midnight ride

And so let's rise above the pain

Take a long cool walk

in the morning rain

Try to put things into perspective

Cause the way some things turn out,

you'd never expect it




And since you've my bounty paid

And even the best laid plans

can go astray

But every so often a dream will come true

Like the singin' of this poet's song,

for you

Like the singin' of this poet's song,

for you

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