Somethin' More Than Nothin'



Getting close to nowhere,

may be what you want

Maybe you don't see,

who'll have an empty heart

Heading into nothing

and you, refuse to see

Somethin' more than nothin',

caused you to be

Now isn't there a somethin,

that keeps you hangin' on?

Even if life's storm's not ragin',

it's still hard to know


From across the boundless seas,

and reachin' space itself

Throughout infinity,

and deep inside yourself

If you'll watch and listen,

you just might find what you seek

Somethin' more than nothin'

is the one thing that will keep


Somethin' more than nothin'

and it's only a start

Somethin' more than nothin'

starts fillin' up your heart

Waitin' and wanton you

to have it all

And then discovering breakin' time

is to spend it well

There are times I'm sure you've had

that your thoughts could tell it well

Somethin' more than nothin'

beats a wishing well



Now life is fine when things are good,

but dust and splinters lie ahead

And it can't do you any good

to hide in darkness like the dead

So try and pass the time,

or it may pass you by

When things don't seem the way they should

right by them you should fly

Try not to take life lyin' down

cause it keeps you on the go

You could be growin' leaps and bounds

and in the book you know




Somethin' more than nothin', and time will tell And time will tell, the dogs from the rest

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