What do you think,

when you damn nearly die?

Question of question,

most always the why?

What is the moral, or even the clue?

Do you unfold there

or just follow through?

Is it your time now,

or just a scare?

Your hoping you're ready,

for what there's to bare

Knocking at your door,

is ole Father Time

You know when your thinking

it's the end of the line


A couple of times,

no now maybe a few

Those closing in moments,

they sneak up on you

It's usually just something,

to keep you awake

Everyone's time comes;

I guess that's the breaks

Well friend just hang in there,

no need to be scared

Our times are a comming

and we'll all be there

Just spend all your time now,

like it's all that you've got

We've all figured out that,

it just can't be bought


What do you think,

when you damn nearly die?

Questions of questions,

what happens to I?

Do you just keep on going

on into the blue?

Well Lord I sure hope

so I'm counting on You

(Repeat last line, end)

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