My Babe And Me



My Babe and me now

Know we're oh so right

It's strange it should be now

That we're just out of sight

Just look past the picture

And you?ll see what I mean

My Babe and me now

Not just another scene

It's you and me Babe

An incandescent dream

You and me Babe

Not just another thing

The stage is all set now

And casting's been arranged

You and me Babe

Go back further every day

I feel you anytime

Where I am your always there

Carried in the Pocket of my heart

A love unquestioned,

And some intensive care

Never dreaming

There'd be so much to share

Just don't ever leave me

And Babe believe me

Sometimes it seems to seem

Like I needn't say a word

Resembling something

Like it is

Feelings know

What's really there

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