It's Not Too Late



Let us think about American

The dream it seems,

as it's unfolding

And nothing's perfect

but God knows we try

Most of us strive,

for the golden

And we inherit a legacy

A world, so complicated

Sometimes it seems so cold and beyond reach

With things asleep, too deep to seek

And good thoughts, just out of reach


And exploitation seems to be the game

Each seems to want, to top another's

And spoiled minds, can permeate the soul

And the docks are full,

of those that wish they'd land

Or could even take a stand

You know the stakes are great,

but it's not too late


Assembly growing on, unending

And the suffering masses shrieking

Why must anyone do without ?

And who will feed our children?

For what is it to exist?

Too deep to seek,

Just out of reach

And a Pulitzer,

for the one who can tell the best

Let us seek the peace

Only people can reach

Cause it's not too late,

and the stakes are great

Cause it's not too late,

and the steaks are great

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