Faith Of Life



Intrepid thought a wavering,

on and round and in

Anticipating, waiting,

a satire of a changing time


Sometimes speeding ahead,

sometimes lacking behind

Tis a little forthcoming,

just a matter, of time

Seems strange and such a change,

no doubt it'll figure out

To be what you don't imagine,

and more than you could know



And as you travel on, and erosion settles in

And changes what we think and know

New strength is found in faith of life, and grows

New strength is found in faith of life and grows


Moments fleeting past and fast,

changing faces and erases,

And those suspences on your way,

and still here and near

and dear to yourself


So you could put it to the test,

and go fowardly in motion

While your reaching for related times,

lying just ahead

Or you could fight it all the time,

or coast a little along the way

And whichever course you chose,

could prove to be the best.



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