Beware The Blues



You know, there's a time, that you might find

You know there's a place, that you might go

You know there's a day, that you might say

You know there's someone, that you might know

Just when you're thinking, just to pass the time

You just might find it time, to draw the line.


You know, least you think, that you thought so.

There's a mood, you admit, that you do know.

First a cloud, then a fog, and then you know.

It surrounds, holding down, until you know.

You got the blues so bad it's worse

You end up so down, you know it hurts

Beware the Blues.


You know how it is, when things don't go your way,

What a drag, and the good times seem so far away.

You know how it is, when things just aren't quite right,

You know when you're out, looking in from the outside.

That's when it goes from bad to worse,

You end up so down, you know it hurts,

Beware the blues.


So here's a thought, for when you're downright Blue.

I don't know, but it just might help you though.

You know that the sun, shines down for you.

Don't tell me that, you never knew.

Don't let the Blues get the best of you.

Uncles not the word to hold you true

Beware the Blues


You got the Blues so bad it's worse,

You end up so down you know it hurts,

Beware the Blues.

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