Been There And Gone



Some men were born to roam

Distant lands afar from home

And where they come from

Nobody knows


Listless spirits in the night

Lordy, what a long lost sight

And what they'd give

To know where to light



I've been there and gone

It won't be long,

and I'll be home

I don't know where there And I don't care,

I'm coming home


Wandering on and searching wild

Looking for that missing smile

And all this time

She was too close to find


Along the way, they messed their minds

Partied hard and wasted time

And all this time

They've thought they've known




Heading on arrive or bust

Living life with guts and lust

Maybe someday

They can find their way

Come on now come around

This place could tear you down

I hope your feet

Can still hold their ground



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