Along The Way Too



Prudence would have smiled today,

Grinned from ear to ear, I'd have to say,

Because it was, one of those days,

One of those days, one of those days.


And you know, we're going to miss him,

Each time, we're reminiscing,

The past till now, from year to year,

Along the way, could make your day.


With words like walking through woods unending,

Shinning sunbeams, condescending,

Notes crescending, take you there,

Along the way, could make your day


Then chosen subjects, like random drawings,

Words arranged, and thoughts unfurled,

With meanings curved, and asking questions,

Along the way, could make your day.


Then looking round and check things out,

Proclamating round about

And who out there would really know,

Along the way, could make your day.


Scoping scenes, with expressed invention,

Making points without intention,

Jester of his then imagined,

And cares that never seemed to show,

And thoughts that led to where they'd go,

Sharing dreams, in his own way,

Making someone else's day,

Along the way, Could make your day.

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