We are All Parts of the illusion

We're merely figments of the mind

We're involved in the conclusion

Watch our steps so we don't fall

We are all like breezes flowing

Build to gusts and never knowing

We are all like springs in meadows

Down the road like water falls


Don't you know, that we can make it?

And don't you know, we'll somehow take it?

Don't you know, that we can make it

through it all


We are all like knights and bishops

Live in castles built on ridges

We are all Princess and princes

Choices made are ours to call

We are all like games with chances

Wheel and deal and loves romances

We're all like a pair of jokers

One eyed Jacks and Deuces wild


Repeat First Verse




What plan has thou for me?

And my reasons for to be?

Sometime while I'm listening please

Whisper to me set my ease

Light the way for me to go

Help me see and help me know

When I'm wandering, ways to go

Let me see the opened doors

Help me realize the Keys

Love is the meaning of life

Life is the chance to love

Love is the chance to live

Life is the chance to love

Life is the chance to love

Repeat All



My Babe and me now

Know we're oh so right

It's strange it should be now

That we're just out of sight

Just look past the picture

And you?ll see what I mean

My Babe and me now

Not just another scene

It's you and me Babe

An incandescent dream

You and me Babe

Not just another thing

The stage is all set now

And casting's been arranged

You and me Babe

Go back further every day

I feel you anytime

Where I am your always there

Carried in the Pocket of my heart

A love unquestioned,

And some intensive care

Never dreaming

There'd be so much to share

Just don't ever leave me

And Babe believe me

Sometimes it seems to seem

Like I needn't say a word

Resembling something

Like it is

Feelings know

What's really there



Intro and Refrain


I’m after good lovin’, I’m after the high times

I’m after the good life, I’m after what’s after


 I’m not afraid of dyin’ young

Even though things have just begun

I’m goin’ to hang in for a while

Try to hold on to a smile




I think I’ll just keep truckin’ on

Head on down the road again

I’ll do all the best I can

Then I’ll do it all again




You never know what’s round the bend

Hard telling what life might send

Time only holds surprise

Till you see it with your own eyes






I'm doin' somethin'

Don't know what it is

I'm goin' somewhere

Can't get there from here

I'm sayin' somethin'

That you just can't hear

Cause your too far away

Just too gone to care

I'm doin' somethin' I'm doin' somethin'

I'm doin' somethin' I'm doin' somethin'


If I was five years younger

I'd worry a bit

But I'm too damn old

to really Give a shit

If I thought you knew

All you've said you knew

I would have started listening

A long time ago

I'm doin' somethin' I'm doin' somethin'

I'm doin' somethin' I'm doin' somethin'


Repeat all I



Getting close to nowhere,

may be what you want

Maybe you don't see,

who'll have an empty heart

Heading into nothing

and you, refuse to see

Somethin' more than nothin',

caused you to be

Now isn't there a somethin,

that keeps you hangin' on?

Even if life's storm's not ragin',

it's still hard to know


From across the boundless seas,

and reachin' space itself

Throughout infinity,

and deep inside yourself

If you'll watch and listen,

you just might find what you seek

Somethin' more than nothin'

is the one thing that will keep


Somethin' more than nothin'

and it's only a start

Somethin' more than nothin'

starts fillin' up your heart

Waitin' and wanton you

to have it all

And then discovering breakin' time

is to spend it well

There are times I'm sure you've had

that your thoughts could tell it well

Somethin' more than nothin'

beats a wishing well



Now life is fine when things are good,

but dust and splinters lie ahead

And it can't do you any good

to hide in darkness like the dead

So try and pass the time,

or it may pass you by

When things don't seem the way they should

right by them you should fly

Try not to take life lyin' down

cause it keeps you on the go

You could be growin' leaps and bounds

and in the book you know




Somethin' more than nothin', and time will tell And time will tell, the dogs from the rest



One day I met you,

and then there were two

I couldn't forget you,

before it was through

I was meet'in you and seein' you,

all the time

And I thought I might love you Babe,

but I needed some more time


You did some things your way,

I did some mine

But when we'd together,

twas twice as fine

And that's when I thought everything,

works out in time

And I thought I might love you Babe,

but I needed some more time


Well there we were Babe,

just you and just me

And then we discovered,

that soon there'd be three

And that's when I thought everything,

works out in time

And I knew that I loved you Babe,

and that makes things so fine

Now we had our rough spots,

but mostly so good

We worked out the toughest,

and knew that we could

And I'd just keep thinkin' everything,

works out in time

And I knew that I loved you Babe,

and that makes things so fine


Now there's babies a cryin',

for heavens sake

You'd think we were dyin',

we just need a break

And that's when I thought everything,

works out in time

And I knew that I loved you Babe,

and that makes things so fine

The way things are goin',

not everything right,

It had me a knowin',

twas just out of sight

And that's when I thought everything,

works out in time

And I knew that I loved you Babe,

and that makes things so fine



Let us think about American

The dream it seems,

as it's unfolding

And nothing's perfect

but God knows we try

Most of us strive,

for the golden

And we inherit a legacy

A world, so complicated

Sometimes it seems so cold and beyond reach

With things asleep, too deep to seek

And good thoughts, just out of reach


And exploitation seems to be the game

Each seems to want, to top another's

And spoiled minds, can permeate the soul

And the docks are full,

of those that wish they'd land

Or could even take a stand

You know the stakes are great,

but it's not too late


Assembly growing on, unending

And the suffering masses shrieking

Why must anyone do without ?

And who will feed our children?

For what is it to exist?

Too deep to seek,

Just out of reach

And a Pulitzer,

for the one who can tell the best

Let us seek the peace

Only people can reach

Cause it's not too late,

and the stakes are great

Cause it's not too late,

and the steaks are great



What do you think,

when you damn nearly die?

Question of question,

most always the why?

What is the moral, or even the clue?

Do you unfold there

or just follow through?

Is it your time now,

or just a scare?

Your hoping you're ready,

for what there's to bare

Knocking at your door,

is ole Father Time

You know when your thinking

it's the end of the line


A couple of times,

no now maybe a few

Those closing in moments,

they sneak up on you

It's usually just something,

to keep you awake

Everyone's time comes;

I guess that's the breaks

Well friend just hang in there,

no need to be scared

Our times are a comming

and we'll all be there

Just spend all your time now,

like it's all that you've got

We've all figured out that,

it just can't be bought


What do you think,

when you damn nearly die?

Questions of questions,

what happens to I?

Do you just keep on going

on into the blue?

Well Lord I sure hope

so I'm counting on You

(Repeat last line, end)



Your all round and your eyes

Shooting through to me

endless sighs

And the feeling is hard to keep inside

Just like Pandora's Box,

it's mine to hide

Now let's bring it out into the opened

Cause even when everything's right,

You're still hoping

So let me feel your discontent

So what if that don't pay the rent


So take me on down the road, we're free to ride

Just one more try at chance, and I'll learn to dance



And frigid dreams, yet hearts unbroken

Got to remember this night

is on your side

So we've been sold for dreams a stolen

But I know there's much more for me,

than a midnight ride

And so let's rise above the pain

Take a long cool walk

in the morning rain

Try to put things into perspective

Cause the way some things turn out,

you'd never expect it




And since you've my bounty paid

And even the best laid plans

can go astray

But every so often a dream will come true

Like the singin' of this poet's song,

for you

Like the singin' of this poet's song,

for you



A sigh I feel,

an everlasting cry

A song

reaching for the sky

The mood, it begins, to imply

My heart it jumps with this reply



Feel the moment know the touch

When life's revealing

oh so much

To You and I,

You and I,

You and I,

You and I


Each step closer,

each step nearer

And if we listen till the message clears

Secrets whispered,

repeats of unending time

Rolling though the years,

like an aging wine




Windows through you I peek

Your minds I seek to reach

And like your reflection,

gaze into mine

Reach in, reach in and intertwine


(Repeat verse 1)




You seek out your dreams now

And know or begin to know

What it all means now

For sure

You light your candle

For all the world to see

But it really don't matter

Sept to you and me



It used to be so simple, or so it seemed

Life was not so nasty, it seemed a dream


You smother it with frosting

And it's suddenly sweet

Yet it could be so costly

And seem complete

Now you know it ain't easy

To beat the first light

And it could be so tempting

To chase the night




Down the path before you

You?ll pass through many doors

Take a look around you

As you go forth

Now you know it ain't easy,

To beat the first light

And it could be so tempting

To chase the night




Repeat 1st verse and refrain



Prudence would have smiled today,

Grinned from ear to ear, I'd have to say,

Because it was, one of those days,

One of those days, one of those days.


And you know, we're going to miss him,

Each time, we're reminiscing,

The past till now, from year to year,

Along the way, could make your day.


With words like walking through woods unending,

Shinning sunbeams, condescending,

Notes crescending, take you there,

Along the way, could make your day


Then chosen subjects, like random drawings,

Words arranged, and thoughts unfurled,

With meanings curved, and asking questions,

Along the way, could make your day.


Then looking round and check things out,

Proclamating round about

And who out there would really know,

Along the way, could make your day.


Scoping scenes, with expressed invention,

Making points without intention,

Jester of his then imagined,

And cares that never seemed to show,

And thoughts that led to where they'd go,

Sharing dreams, in his own way,

Making someone else's day,

Along the way, Could make your day.



You know, there's a time, that you might find

You know there's a place, that you might go

You know there's a day, that you might say

You know there's someone, that you might know

Just when you're thinking, just to pass the time

You just might find it time, to draw the line.


You know, least you think, that you thought so.

There's a mood, you admit, that you do know.

First a cloud, then a fog, and then you know.

It surrounds, holding down, until you know.

You got the blues so bad it's worse

You end up so down, you know it hurts

Beware the Blues.


You know how it is, when things don't go your way,

What a drag, and the good times seem so far away.

You know how it is, when things just aren't quite right,

You know when you're out, looking in from the outside.

That's when it goes from bad to worse,

You end up so down, you know it hurts,

Beware the blues.


So here's a thought, for when you're downright Blue.

I don't know, but it just might help you though.

You know that the sun, shines down for you.

Don't tell me that, you never knew.

Don't let the Blues get the best of you.

Uncles not the word to hold you true

Beware the Blues


You got the Blues so bad it's worse,

You end up so down you know it hurts,

Beware the Blues.



Some men were born to roam

Distant lands afar from home

And where they come from

Nobody knows


Listless spirits in the night

Lordy, what a long lost sight

And what they'd give

To know where to light



I've been there and gone

It won't be long,

and I'll be home

I don't know where there And I don't care,

I'm coming home


Wandering on and searching wild

Looking for that missing smile

And all this time

She was too close to find


Along the way, they messed their minds

Partied hard and wasted time

And all this time

They've thought they've known




Heading on arrive or bust

Living life with guts and lust

Maybe someday

They can find their way

Come on now come around

This place could tear you down

I hope your feet

Can still hold their ground





Intrepid thought a wavering,

on and round and in

Anticipating, waiting,

a satire of a changing time


Sometimes speeding ahead,

sometimes lacking behind

Tis a little forthcoming,

just a matter, of time

Seems strange and such a change,

no doubt it'll figure out

To be what you don't imagine,

and more than you could know



And as you travel on, and erosion settles in

And changes what we think and know

New strength is found in faith of life, and grows

New strength is found in faith of life and grows


Moments fleeting past and fast,

changing faces and erases,

And those suspences on your way,

and still here and near

and dear to yourself


So you could put it to the test,

and go fowardly in motion

While your reaching for related times,

lying just ahead

Or you could fight it all the time,

or coast a little along the way

And whichever course you chose,

could prove to be the best.





Looking through my mind,

and I think of a friend

Think of the good times come to an end

I'm hoping to maybe see him again

Because he was, such a damn good friend



But it's all over; it's all over for now

It's all over, and it's come to an end

It's all; it's all over for now

But maybe I'll catch you on down the road my friend


He never took, he always gave

I'll always remember even after the grave

Thoughts that he gave me, they'll never part

I'll always save them,

deep down in my heart




Maybe someday we'll get together again

Pick up the ole guitars and maybe then

Do all the songs we used to play

Wouldn't it be great to be a jamming today


(Refrain 2)

And it's all, it's all over for now

It's all over and it's come to an end

It's all over and it's time to say good-bye

It's all over but I hope life keeps you high


(Refrain 1)

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