Remember When



Can you remember when,

It was simply you and me

Seems so hard to believe

At just nineteen and twenty-three

Too young to really know

Where it was all to lead


One too many forks in the road

Direction overflow

One too many choices all at once

Just cross those bridges as they come

Off and running one by one

Not much thinkin' till it was done

Times a rollin' oh so fast

Tryin' to make the moment last

Question of me to you I will confide

Why are there some things,

that seem so cut and dried?

And then there's where we go from here

I guess we'll know

bout the time that we get there

Before you know the future's past

Someone somewhere said it best

It might shock you as we speak

Change indifferent, life so fast

And what is here when then is now

And what does it matter anyway

(Repeat verse 1 and 2)

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